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This website is a new adventure for all of us in the Village Office, D.P.W. and especially for the Mayor.  Communication with Village residents has always been important to us and many years ago we developed two print publications to stay in touch.  For the last 20 years we have used our quarterly Newsletter to keep you informed with essential information, and in 2001 our "Community Profile" began as a Senior High School project and quickly evolved into a quality publication.  While you can still find a link to both the Profile and Newsletter, we know that our participation in this website will provide everyone with more immediate access to a variety of information.  If you don't find what you are looking for, please contact our office.

I need to thank Colleen West Hay our Town Clerk, Becky Price of Design FM, and Deputy Mayor Chris Genthner for their tireless efforts in bringing this website to fruition.  Whether you are a Village or Town resident, or someone interested in exploring all that the Village and Town of Livonia have to offer, we welcome you to this community website.

Calvin Lathan, Mayor
Village of Livonia

The Village Office is located at 36 Commercial Street.
Office Hours:  Monday -Thursday, 9am- 3pm
Phone - 346-3100

Download the Livonia Community Profile by clicking here

Village Officials:

Mayor:  Calvin Lathan- 346-5519 cell: 314-8267 -

Chris Genthner- 346-0761-
Bill Kurtz- 346-6756 -
Bob Leader - 944-6520 -
Ralph Parker - 346-3670 -
Village Board Meetings:
Meetings are held the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Village Office. Meetings are open to the public and citizens are invited to learn more about Village business and/or present questions, concerns, or comments to the Board and Mayor.

Participation in Government students are encouraged to call the Village Office to verify that a meeting will be held. Under certain circumstances, meeting dates may change.

Village of LIvonia Village Board
Seated (L to R): Chris Genthner, Ralph Parker
Standing (L to R): Bob Leader, Bill Kurtz, Cal Lathan

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