Joint Fire District

Organized as the Livonia Hook and Ladder and Hose Company No. 1 in 1879, the firehouse was originally housed at the Masonic Temple building at the corner of Commercial and Big Tree Streets. The present fire hall was built in 2003. The department provides fire protection to a 25-square-mile area, the central portion of the town.

4213 S. Livonia Road
PO Box 151
Livonia, NY 14487
Phone: 585-346-2257 or 911 (Emergency)

Hemlock Fire District No. 1

The Hemlock Fire District No. 1 was incorporated in 1924 and the Hemlock Volunteer Company was incorporated in 1942. Currently, the company has 57 members. The Hemlock volunteers provide fire protection to a 20 square mile area consisting of the eastern side of the Town of Livonia and the northwest section of the Town of Canadice.

Al Sharpe Ave.
PO Box 148
Hemlock, NY 14466
585-367-2730 or 911 (Emergency)

Lakeville Fire District

The Lakeville Fire Department was established in 1921. The Department provides fire protection to the Lakeville vicinity, including parts of the east and west shores of Conesus Lake, and Bronson Hill Road.

Stone Hill & Lakeville Livonia Roads
PO Box 378
Lakeville, NY 14480
Phone: 585-346-2402 or 911 (Emergency)

Livonia Ambulance District #1

Established in 2006, the Livonia Ambulance District serves the entire Town of Livonia and the Town of Conesus by contract. Prior to 2006, Ambulance service was provided as part of the Livonia Joint Fire District.

4213 S. Livonia Rd.
PO Box 8
Livonia, NY 14487-0008
Phone: 346-6170 (Billing and non-emergency) or 911 (Emergency)