CLEAN Recycling Center

CLEAN Recycling Center is located at 5766 Federal Road in Conesus. Anyone who owns property in the towns of Conesus or Livonia may utilize the center.

Winter Hours of Operation – September through May: Saturdays 9 AM – 12 PM

Summer Hours of Operation – June/July/August: Saturdays 8 AM – 12 PM

NEW! Please note that due to state funding cuts, the CLEAN Recycling Center will NOT be accepting electronic waste, including TVs and computer monitors until further notice. We are also unable to accept batteries at this time.

Questions may be directed to the Town of Conesus at (585) 346-3130.

Village Refuse Collection

The Village has a contract with a private firm, Shank Enterprises, for weekly refuse pickup.

Village residents’ refuse will be picked up every Wednesday, unless Wednesday is a legal holiday. Please rinse clean all recyclables.

Recyclables must be separated from solid waste using recycling rules and regulations.

Recycling bins may be obtained at the Village Office, 36 Commercial Street.

The Village is not responsible for the disposal of building or hazardous materials. Residents should contact Shanks at 582-2120 to arrange for disposal of these materials.

Bulk Clean-Up Day

Bulk Clean-Up Day is a service offered to Town AND Village residents by the Town of Livonia once a year.

This year’s Bulk Clean-up Day will be held April 20th, 2023 From 7am-10am.  Tickets will be available at the Town Clerk’s Office during normal business hours after Wednesday February 28, 2024.

Town and Village residents wishing to utilize this service need to obtain a coupon from the Town Clerk, and items must be brought to the Town Barns, 50 Commercial Street, Livonia on the designated day during the designated hours.

Village Spring Clean-up Day

The Spring Clean-Up Day, or SCUD, is a service offered to Village residents by the Village of Livonia once a year.

Information is mailed to Village residents in the form of an insert in the Village newsletter.

Village residents wishing to utilize this service must bring their coupon, which is contained in the Village Newsletter insert, to the Village Hall, 36 Commercial Street, Livonia on the designated day (usually late April to early May).