Short-term Rental / Noise Ordinance Committee

The Town of Livonia formed a committee to review proposed changes to the Livonia Town Code regarding the regulation of short-term rentals and noise, and to make recommendations to the Town Board. The committee had several meetings and have presented drafts for proposed local laws to the Town Board. For more information, please see the “Proposed Local Laws Regulating Noise and Short Term Rentals” article on this web site’s home page.

Questions should be directed to Building & Zoning Director at or the committee secretary, Building & Zoning Clerk  at You may also reach them by phone at (585) 346-2098.

Special Review Committee

The Special Review Committee formed to prioritize the recommendations made in Livonia’s Updated Comprehensive Plan, has completed their work and made their recommendations to the Town Board.

To view meeting minutes and a copy of the final document that was presented to the Town Board, please view the Comprehensive Plan.

Our thanks go to Committee Chair Wil Oliver; Secretary Betty Miles; and Committee Members Peter Nilsson, Eric Gott, Angela Grouse, Rusty Ehmann, Matt Gascon, Joanne Palmer, Chris Genthner, Ralph Parker, Robert Brooks, and Kevin Masterson for their hard work and dedication to this project.